Ring Size Guide

Searching for a Ring Size Chart or a Ring Size Guide? Here at Amira Jewel Store, we completely understand that when shopping for a ring online, you might have concerns about getting the right size. We're here to put your worries to rest. Our Ring Size Chart is readily available to assist you in determining the perfect size. So, relax and shop for your ring with confidence. Rest assured that our Ring Size Guide adheres to international standards and ensures accuracy.


Use Either Method 1 or Method 2 Below to determine your ring size


Method 1:


Method 2:



Now follow the ring size chart below to determine your size with the measurements taken from above mentioned methods. For example, if your measurement taken from method 1 (circumference) is 57mm or 2.24 inch , your size would be US 8 or Pakistan size 17-18. (For best experience of our ring size guide use mobile in landscape mode)